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Donna Lagares


Hi my name is Donna Lagares and I entered Shall Never Thirst on November 30, 2014. Originally from Vineland, NJ and had lived in Camden county for ten years. Battling drug addiction to heroin and Xanax. I always had a job, and told myself I wasn't that bad!! I work I'm not on the street begging for money. I'm not sleeping with anyone to get what I want!

Then I decided to move to south Philly in 2013 into a recovery house. It only lasted four months till I got high and I had a job, but things got so bad, I was now that person begging for money on my days off from my job, and sleeping with someone for drugs. I finally couldn't take it no more, and finally left my job and went into shall never thirst. Detoxed in there and started to feel good again!! Yet, I still had to get high, so once more on December 23, 2014 I did it again and got caught and got disciplined and from that day forward I have learned, I was always seeking something or someone, instead of seeking God my savior!!

He was always right there watching me and I was always too busy to stop and realize that he wanted my attention! I am so grateful that this program was in place when I needed it the most. I have learned about myself, opened up the bible and started reading it, and believing it, and just giving my all and finally surrendering what Donna wants to do. I have now been clean and sober since December 24,2014 by the grace of God and I am so very blessed. I am back to work, and able to save money, and I have my own place with my fiance and a a beautiful baby girl on the way that God is entrusting me with. I have people that look up to me today, and I have a handful of friends that i wouldn't trade for nothing. A relationship with my mom, my dad, and my sisters! And most of all a relationship with God!!

Thank u for allowing me to share my testimony!!