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Jesus Christ Block Parties

Shall Never Thirst Ministries, along with our affiliated ministries, participate in Jesus Christ Block Parties. Jesus Christ Block Parties run from Spring to Fall in Philadelphia and surrounding areas all at no charge. We have live music, feed the homeless, perform baptisms, bible teachings for adults. We also have face painting, water-slides, and bible teachings for the children. Shall Never Thirst Ministries and the other ministries share the costs. We do need donations and many volunteers to help set up and break down, and prayer warriors.

Our Mission


I can attest to the value of the work you are doing in Shall Never Thirst Ministries. I’m a parent of a former addict and I believe that the power of Christ is what changes the addict. My son traded a life of bondage to heroin to a life surrendered to Jesus Christ and is now leading a Discipleship program like yours in Washington state. The government tries to help the addict with programs but their success has been limited. The long term success rate is not what we see in Christ centered programs like Shall Never Thirst.

I have been on the receiving end of the hard work of the guys in the program. The men came to my home in New Jersey and spent a full day doing yard clean up for me so that my property would look nice to sell it. They even had a crew of guys painting my side porch and door and what started out as a garage roof repair became a full roof replacement. The guys were very respectful and I enjoyed meeting each one. Once my house sold, I needed to get a piano out of my basement and the guys willingly came over and helped get it to the curb.

The guys are in our church every Wednesday night receiving the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. They are learning how to apply Godly principles to their lives. One by one God is transforming them into Godly men who want to serve their fellow brothers and sisters in the church and beyond the church.

I pray that the zoning board can look beyond fear and in this situation give your ministry the opportunity to grow and thrive right there in Philadelphia. I believe the good far outweighs any negative to have the ministry in the neighborhood.


In Christ,

Laura Enuco

I would like to take a moment to tell how much Chuck Miller and the men in Shall Never Thirst Ministry helped me in my time of need. 

My aged mother lived with me and my husband for several years. After my husband lost his vision and was placed on permanent disability, our income was sizbly reduced.  In order to “down-size” we opted to move from a house to a small 2 bedroom apartment. All our possessions had to be moved to the apartment and excess to a storage unit. We did not have the finances to hire someone to move us, nor would my husband who is blind, be able to assist in the move. A friend reached out to Chuck and asked if he had the means to help move our little family. Not only did Chuck show up to assist us move, he brought 9 of the gentlemen in his program to assist as well.  They moved us so quickly and efficiently that the lunch I had planned for them, might have just as well been breakfast, since they finished well before lunch time. The guys were kind, caring, and just super nice as they worked and handled our belongings gently and with much care. They laughed and joked and treated each other like brothers, they were such a joy to be around. The care they showed me and my family meant even more to me as I listened to one of the men sharing his faith with my son who has walked away from our faith. 


Tragically, my mother passed away this past June and my husband in October. I once again needed help moving my furniture and belongings to my daughter’s home. Chuck and the guys were a phone call away. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for all these men connected to this wonderful ministry.   


Julia Lynn

I write this letter to express gratitude for Chuck Miller and the men in the Shall Never Thirst Ministry.

An acquaintance of mine was a victim of fraud, a scam that wiped out all of her life savings.    Consequently, she found herself homeless.  A couple from her church were able to offer her temporary housing until she could receive 2 months of her Social Security checks and afford to move into her own apartment. 

When I heard of her dilemma and how she was barely able to make the security deposit and first month’s rent, plus hire a mover, I contacted Chuck Miller.  Chuck and his men arrived at 8:00 am on one of the hottest summer days to assist her – free of charge!  They emptied her storage unit that was at the end of a long, poorly ventilated hallway, loaded the rental truck then proceeded to her new apartment. The new apartment is on the 3rd floor and required loading the service elevator several times. The maintenance man for the apartment spoke to us afterward and complemented the “movers.” He said people move in and out of here all the time and “those guys” were fast, efficient, and very courteous to others using the elevators. He then thanked the woman (who just moved in) for keeping well-within the time limit for use of the service elevator.  This could not have been accomplished had it not been for the help we received from Chuck and these fine men. 


Susan Hickman, RN

I am writing in support of Shall Never Thirst ministry. The nature of their work is to provide help and support in a very practical way to those in need and suffering from addictions. One of these ways is having a place to live in a supportive and safe environment. The uniqueness of the ministry is that it is Christ-based and emphasizes the need for God's power and grace to offer hope to rebuild lives.    


Sally Bearry

I first came across Chuck Miller at church. His interaction with people caught my attention so I asked a fellow church member to introduce me. After getting to know Chuck and Shall Never Thirst Ministries, I knew that I wanted to be involved with his outreach ministry. At that time, I was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Wells Fargo Advisors and not a preacher. As a CFP, I had been sharing my perspectives on the structure of money with clients, friends and family quite successfully, so I asked Chuck if he would allow me to teach the fundamentals of financial responsibility and wellness to his “Men." He agreed, and I am entering my third-year volunteering at the Ministries. 


Over the years, I’ve observed Chuck through his ministry, powerfully change the lives of so many men. I personally have never been in the position where I needed to overcome addiction, so I cannot fully address all the benefits realized from this non-profit outreach.  However, I have witnessed broken men show accountability, learn to trust, exercise discipline and act in brotherly love because of Chuck Miller. Chuck Miller is Shall Never Thrust Ministries and any neighborhood would be blessed to have him.



John J Maloney

I want to take this opportunity to write a letter expressing my gratitude and appreciation.  Pastor Chuck, you have always been a spiritual brother to me. Since the first time we met in 2013 at the Prayer Community, you have been a constant source of spiritual guidance and strength for me and my family. I  thank God every day that you are in my life. There were many times I reached out to you for words of comfort, spiritual advice and prayer. More recently though, this past summer, when our  family was facing a crisis as we  were evicted out of our home. Nor did we have a place to go. It was such a difficult time for all of us. I was consumed with guilt, regret, pride and embarrassed about our situation. I prayed and prayed asking the Lord what I should do, who should I call and where do I turn. Then the Lord placed you on my heart. I called and began to share about our circumstance.. I recall your response, which was, “First let’s pray.” Then, “It’s going to be ok sis. The Ministry is going to help you. What do you need so that you and the kids can get back in the house?” Within less than 24 hours you brought the needed funds of $1600.00, without hesitation, and handed it to me. We prayed and you spoke words of life, comfort and encouragement.


At that time, I felt mentally, physically and emotionally drained from the worry and stress of being homeless. I was hopeless and did not want to live anymore. I thought I failed as a Mother and that  maybe if I removed myself, somehow my children would be better off.  Yet after that meeting, I knew that the Lord was using you not just to help financially but spiritually too. He used your zealous faith in Him to help restore mine. 

He had a plan and was working it out for the  good. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Moreover, God tells us to serve one another, and your tireless service to our community is certainly pleasing to Him. Without the Ministry’s financial help, I never would have been able to secure a roof over our heads.You have stabilized our family and we can now have peace knowing we have a place to call home again..

Thank you for your giving heart and the needed financial assistance that you so freely gave to my family. We will not forget this act of kindness and hope to pay it forward one day. Myself and family appreciate  your service, dedication and most of all the work you do for The Lord! God Bless you!


Your Sister in God,

Stephanie Stranix

I am writing this letter to let you know how Shall Never Thirst Ministries has helped myself and my family in so many ways.

There have been some hard times my family has had in the past and sometimes still has.  Whenever I call Chuck Miller whether it was food or money, Chuck and the ministry have been there for me. Also, I had to move, and he assembled some of the men in the ministry and they moved me free of charge. Besides all of that, they have helped my daughter Nikki who has three young children had a drug problem. Chuck would always on a regular basis, bring them food and other necessities to live ok. He brought my grandchildren Christmas gifts.

There are really no words to say other than his kindness is never ending, he opened the ministry when God put a call on his life. He obeyed the call and has helped many, many people get their lives back.

The ministry has so much purpose and has touched so many lives. My prayer is that the ministry will continue to flourish.

We have an epidemic of drug abuse in Philadelphia. This ministry steps up to help this city touching and helping one person at a time.



Barbara Hughes

Letter of Recommendation for: Shall Never Thirst Ministries & Chuck Miller

My name is Keith Pindjak I am a Senior Pastor at Casa de Avivamiento (House of Revival) at 2245 E. Tioga Ave, Phila. I am also the facilitator of a Bible-based recovery meeting, Conquering Addictions a ministry, held at the Urban Hope Training Center 203 E. Tioga Ave, Phila. In my professional life I am an Inspector for the Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA at Philadelphia Int’l Airport for the past 17 years.  I am sorry that I was unable be there in person today but feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions afterward / 215-909-1153. 

I have known Chuck Miller and have been an active part of the Shall Never Thirst Ministries (SNTM) for about five years.  Chuck’s group attends my recovery meetings nearly every week. I also conduct a weekly Bible study at one of Chuck’s houses every Monday (previously Saturday’s).

The men that Chuck allows into his program are aware, going in, that the program is a discipleship program. This means that the guys are generally on-board with daily immersion into the Holy Bible including daily devotions and prayer, Bible Studies conducted by persons whom come in from the outside (like myself), church attendance several times a week.  Men who stay for any length of time generally develop a very good understanding of the Bible and learn beyond the typical person in society. 

Unfortunately, as with any program both secular and Christian (or other) there are a lot of men who do not stay long enough to build a good foundation. This often leads to men asking Chuck to be allowed back into the program, knowing it will provide the help they need to change their lives forever.

The success stories from Shall Never Thirst Ministries (SNTM) are amazing transformations of lives. A young man and woman, after arriving at SNTM completely broken, met while recovering in the ministry turned their lived around, got married, adopted a relative’s child to save her from an addictive lifestyle and went on to have their own child as well.  May men have gotten their GEDs, earned college degrees, graduated trade schools while there.  A SNTM alum is currently enrolled at Eastern University after earning two degrees from Phila. Comm. College while there.  Whenever it is within Chuck’s power he will always make sure that the guys get their ID’s, take care of court obligations, and various other things that may help a person become successful and stable once they leave. 

SNTM also provides life skills to the men in the program like learning how to be productive and responsible. They learn things like how to manage money. They are required chores around the house (this may sound mundane but many in these situations have NEVER ever had and type of exposure to the importance of this in real life). Cooking meals and cleaning up. The importance of giving back through helping others. Like this past winter when they went to an older sickly woman’s house to decorate her home for the holidays (possible for the last Christmas she’ll ever see). Or perhaps they’ll rake leaves or shovel snow just because it needs to be done. Helping with projects at the various churches they congregate at.  Or giving a poor lady a refrigerator right out of their own kitchen so she wouldn’t have to be without. Brotherly Love is taught here!

I have witnessed men leave other programs worse than when they arrived.  Becoming slaves in order to pay their rent.  Be somewhere for months and don’t even get their ID replaced. I personally picked up a man at one home to take him to SNTM and he told me that the house manager at the other place had just offered him a beer for breakfast. There are rampant stories of drug abuse right in many other half-way houses that are supposed to be there to help (most receiving in Government funds) while they run programs that are counter-productive.  This type of activity will never be tolerated by Mr. Miller or SNTM! 

The bottom line is this, if there were an abundance of programs like Shall Never Thirst Ministries perhaps there would not even be an Opioid Crisis in this country.  Mr. Miller is only one man but he performs miracles, many days working much harder than most people who work for a living.  Every day by the grace of God Almighty he tries to love and support the men in his care so that they may know that someone actually cares whether they live or not.  He does this with hopes that he’ll be able to plant a seed that will change someone. With hopes that the impact of what he is doing just might make a broken soul renewed! 

Thank you for reading, May God Bless You!

Keith M. Pindjak

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