Donna Lagares 

Hi my name is Donna Lagares and I entered shall never thirst on November 30, 2014. Originally from Vineland, Nj and had lived in Camden county for ten years. Battling drug addiction to herion and xanax. I always had a job, and told myself I wasn't that bad!! I work I'm not on the street begging for money. I'm not sleeping with anyone to get what I want! Then I decided to move to south Philly in 2013 into a recovery house. It only lasted four months till I got high and I had a job, but things got so bad, I was now that person begging for money on my days off from my job, and sleeping with someone for drugs. I finally couldn't take it no more, and finally left my job and went into shall never thirst. Detoxed in there and started to feel good again!! Yet, I still had to get high, so once more on December 23, 2014 I did it again and got caught and got disciplined and from that day forward I have learned, I was always seeking something or someone, instead of seeking God my savior!! He was always right there watching me and I was always too busy to stop and realize that he wanted my attention! I am so grateful that this program was in place when I needed it the most. I have learned about myself, opened up the bible and started reading it, and believing it, and just giving my all and finally surrendering what Donna wants to do. I have now been clean and sober since December 24,2014 by the grace of God and I am so very blessed. I am back to work, and able to save money, and I have my own place with my fiance and a a beautiful baby girl on the way that God is entrusting me with. I have people that look up to me today, and I have a handful of friends that i wouldn't trade for nothing. A relationship with my mom, my dad, and my sisters! And most of all a relationship with God!! Thank u for allowing me to share my testimony!!

Amanda Weissinger

When I was growing up I seen what drugs did to people. This disease ran in my family and I always said that would never be me and boy was i wrong. At the age of 13 I began to drink heavily. By the age of 15 I was smoking marijuana and by the age of 18 I began to use drugs. I did everything and anything I could get my hands on. I enjoyed that feeling drugs gave me like no one or nothing can touch me. My feelings and emotions did not excist. The drug took over my life and I thought that was how I would spend the rest of my like this. However, God has a much bigger plan for my life. One morning I woke up crying about my life and how helpless and lost I was. That morning I went away and never looked back. God took me out of the dark and allowed me to see the light that I could never dream about seeing. After detox I went to a recovery house for my very first time it was christian based. I remember the day I walked in on August 7 2014 that day i could never forget. I stayed at that house for 15 months and I learned how great my God is for giving me strength and allowing me to over come my deepest obsticles that I tucked so deep inside. I knew with all of my heart that it was only because God saw me worthy because i saw myself as a failure. I had moments where I couldnt explain all I could say was that was God working on that moment. God would leave the 99 to get his lost sheep and that is exactly what he did for me he got me out of addiction, depression and he taught me who I was in him. Today, I am a child of the one true God. I went to school and became a medical assistant and now I am working two jobs and I am going back to school for my nursing degree. I ask God everyday to give me strength and he never fails. I see girls I work with at a diner suffer with this disease and all I can do is be the light and show how good God is.

Zach Green

Thank you Lord Jesus for breaking my chains and saving me from the bondage of sin. I grew up in a family where drugs and alcohol was accepted and at points a normal thing you do to function. My mother and my father were both addicted to drugs and my life as a kid resulted with crime and bad behavior. I never experienced the love that Jesus shows me and I looked for anything that would fill the void. At eight years old I was taking away from my mother by the state and at thirteen my father passed away. Drugs came into the picture around that age and I began to build my empire on a foundation of pride. I began selling drugs and became an everyday user. At the age of twenty one I started heroin. Satan had me deceived and I believed his lie for many years. I remember the Lord calling me to him while in my addiction, he put many people into my life and now I see he has been calling me my whole life. I never knew what God was or who we was. I recall sitting with an ex girlfriend and saying to her “how do I get God”. The Lord put a hunger to receive him but I turned my back and continued building my life on a lie. It wasn’t until I was homeless and ran out of all ideas for me to be willing to receive the grace and mercy of Jesus. The father drew me to his son and I encountered the forgiveness and love of Jesus for the first time on Sept. 25, 2015. I was moved to deep sorrow and repentance from my heart. I cried for his mercy and love and I gave my life to Christ. My life was changed that night and I will never forget the feeling and experience I had. I knew I would never be the same again, I knew I was forgiven and I knew that Jesus was alive. From that day I began to learn more about the Lord by getting in his word. He showed me who he was and what he did for me. Jesus died for me at Calvary and now stands at victory over my enemy. He said “ It is finished” -John 19:30. We are redeemed, it was paid in full on the cross. Thank you Lord Jesus! Before I came to Christ I shot heroin with my mother everyday. Now the Lord has transformed me and my mother. Instead of her sending me lets gets high messages, she sends me scriptures. Thank you Lord Jesus! I was homeless and hopeless, no one wanted to be around me. Now I am apart of a recovery ministry, and have great fellowship with guys like me. Thank you Lord Jesus! I had no future, was unemployable and didn’t know anything else but to get one more bag. Now I work full time and go to college fulltime for Behavior Health. Thank you Lord Jesus! I stand at victory over everything in my life. The Lord has transformed my life and my family members around me. He has giving me the light to share with the world and the power to heal the nations. Praise goes to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings! I am a child of the Most High! He is slow to anger and filled with unfailing love, he wants to send us a blessing instead of a curse -Joel 2:12. I yearn for the day I will meet him and hear, “Good and faithful servant”. Then the angel showed me a river with the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It flowed down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations. -Revelation 22:1. My name is Zachary Green and Jesus has transformed my life and has giving me eternity. He gives me peace and his love is so amazing. If you haven’t experienced the love of the Lord Jesus, “knock and it will be open, seek and it will be found, ask and you will receive!” God bless you!

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