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Roberto Rojas

My name is Roberto Rojas. Two years ago today I was homeless and drug addicted in the streets of Philadelphia, the West Kensington area. Today I have a family and a house, not just a house but a home completely restored in Jesus Christ. There is stability and tranquility not just in my life but in my family's life as well. My family consists of my wife Angie, my two daughters Anaya and Angeliz, and my sons Aden. I would like to tell my story and my coming across Shall Never Thirst Ministry as brief and accurate as possible.

The place of my birth was Jersey City, NJ on September 1, 1986. My family and I were a Puerto

family who lacked money and lived in public housing projects. My childhood consisted of a Christian background, public schools, my father's inability to stay off drugs for lengthy periods of time and traveling back and forth from Jersey City to Philadelphia constantly visiting relatives. I eventually made Philadelphia my permanent residence in 2004.

Trauma struck my household when my parents where diagnosed with HIV/Aids. This followed by me being a witness to my father brutally stabbing and slicing my mother. A few years later my mother died when bone cancer complicated her situation. By this time I was already using heroin and crack cocaine with my father in the streets of Philly. Not long after my drug addiction took off my father died when his situation was complicated with cirrhosis of the liver. I began having issues with the law and received my first state penitentiary sentences of 2-4 years in a state correctional institution. A year after coming home my sister died from a drug overdose. Not to long after this I ended up in prison again. After coming home this time I ended up homeless and addicted to drugs worst than ever before. My life became a mess of traumatic experiences, prisons and drug addictions.

These afflictions began to disappear the minute I entered Shall Never Thirst Ministries. At the moment I was just happy this place was willing to take me in right from the street with no money, identification, or any type of paperwork. I had no idea it would change the rest of my life forever. I knew God was in this place the minute I decided to leave and felt a supernatural presence of someone telling me to stay, so I did. Here I was taught with guidance how to submit and surrender my current destructive situation and lifestyle. Shall Never Thirst taught me that my situation was an intense one and only spiritual help would save my life. I was taught the battle was now spiritual not physical. I learned who Jesus Christ was here not just through literature but through actions. They taught me how to serve others taking the focus off myself and eventually ending up in my deliverance of a thirteen year drug addiction. Chuck taught me how to improve my conscious contact with God, never stop giving and serving, never to forget where I came from and helping me have that spiritual awakening I so longed for. I am convinced that no type of doctor or therapy in the world could do for me what God has done for me in this place. I am eternally grateful.

In the end, as a direct result of Shall Never Thirst not only do I have my family back but Angie and I are now legally married. Aden is the new edition to our family, our first boy who is now one years of age. I now have the best paying job I ever had in my life. I also passed my qualification exams to be a union carpenter. This stability has opened the door for my wife to have decent employment and begin school. We have a house, a car that was given to our family directly from Shall Never Thirst and working on a second car. The things that are priceless is the stability, peace and love my family and I have in our lives today. Today my memories and past life no longer haunt or affect me. How is it that today I can use my past life and traumatic experiences to help others? No doctor or organization could do this. This can only be done by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ who was introduced and bought to life to me at Shall Never Thirst Ministries. Thank you Chuck.

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