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Bobby Labarr

Hello my name is Bobby Labarr I am 60 years old. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I grew up with my mother, 5 brothers, and 1 sister. I can remember even in my early childhood that alcohol and cigarettes were very prevalent in my home. Growing up I was taken care of by my mother and she showed me love. In my early teenage years I

started experimenting with marijuana and huffing glue. During my teenage years I was in and out of jail due to my violent temper. My anger was a huge problem and to pacify my anger I continued to use drugs. In my 20's I started using meth, cocaine, and pills. During this time I was still in and out of jail due to my anger and drug use. Skip ahead to the last

5 years, I was getting prescribed

and Xanax from my doctor as well as drinking daily. My anger and drug use fueled my life. It took me getting into a fight with my brother, who I was living with at the time to start realizing this. I was kicked out of his house and homeless living in my truck under I 95. I was feeling incredibly hopeless, resenting myself, and most of all completely broken. I went to a meeting called Self Help where

I reached out for help. A man there gave me the number to Chuck Miller and Shall Never Thirst Ministries. I called Chuck and within hours he was there to pick me up. Immediately from there I was brought to a meeting at the church. Now I have believed in God due to the Catholic schooling I was brought up in, but I did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Upon coming to Shall Never Thirst I found my Lord and Savior. Pastor Chuck along with other teachers brought me the Word and I was able to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Since coming to Shall Never Thirst, God has been working on my heart. I love being able to help others who were in the same situation as me before coming to the ministry. Whether it be during different outreaches or simply when I am out and about on the streets. Before coming to the Lord the only way I would of helped someone was to lighten their pockets up. Today I feel compassion for those still out on the streets living in their dark ways.

Since coming to the ministry I have learned a lot about myself and what the Lord wants me to be. I want to be the grandfather my grandchildren deserve. Jesus has blessed me with reconciliation with my son and daughter which I look forward to continuing. I look forward to where the Lord will lead me when I am finished at the ministry.

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