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Debbie Antonini

I walked into Shall Never Thirst Ministries doors in 2015. I come from a drug addicted background addicted to pain killers and cocaine. I lived with addiction for quite some time. What my addiction took from me I was able to get back and more coming to this Ministry and following Christ. In this ministry I was able to learn who I was off of drugs. I was able to have peace of mind and regain the confidence I lost long ago. I was able to watch my daughters also recover from addiction. I use to live in fear. Fear of the unknown, afraid of this world and the people who live in it. But, now I’m not afraid the Bible says no fear but love, power and a sound mind. I am able to walk in that today. I am able to have peace in my life. I am able to walk knowing that I walk with the Lord and this ministry gave me that opportunity. I made mistakes but I was able to forgive myself and keep walking the right path. Due to this ministry I was able to find who I was. I was able to see my two daughters walk the right path and now we are all in recovery. I am able to watch my grand daughters grow and I am able to be apart of that. What addiction stole from me Shall Never Thirst Ministry allowed me to take the steps I needed to get it all back and more. Now I am working as a home health aide. I am able to be there for others and I am able to have another day clean and sober.

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